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I'm Danielle aka La Nipotina, sharing my love of food inspired by the country in a distant city.


Born and raised on my Dad’s farm in Central-West New South Wales, my love for growing and cooking with seasonal fruit and vegetables was ingrained in the fabric of my existence. Dad’s continual devotion to improving and caring for his land, and his passion for real food raised well is infectious.

My culinary journey began with my Nonna and Mumma, the heart and souls of our world. I grew up around a bountiful veggie garden, spending my weekends making pasta and other authentic Italian dishes with them and my two brothers. For Nonna, cooking was slow, cathartic and gentle; for Mumma, fresh produced and home-cooked meals were the foundations of a constant devotion to cooking from scratch. It was a daily ritual, more than a chaotic experience. 

Since moving away from home and eventually to Sydney in 2019, I have come to adore the way food encourages social connection. My most treasured memories usually involve tasty food, incredible wine, good tunes and gorgeous company. Ever since I can remember I have been cooking plates that bring people together, and when lockdown took away our ability to come together in one form, I saw an opportunity to bring people together in the way I knew best.

La Nipotina grew from a hobby, throwing dinner parties and cooking for friends, into a runaway small catering and food styling business. As a home-cook and creative I strive to create unforgettable memories both in the kitchen and around the table through wholesome flavours, attention to detail and with the upmost care. 

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